Crabapple Roofing is one of the few commercial roofing companies in the region that has an in-house drone technician who is also an expert in thermal imaging. This technology allows us to detect moisture infiltration in the roof substrate early. We can define the boundaries of the damage and determine the appropriate repairs.

Detecting Invisible roof leaks

When moisture makes its way through the membrane of a roof, it infiltrates the underlying substrate, causing deterioration of the material. During the day, this moisture-laden material absorbs heat. As temperatures drop in the evening, moist material retains heat longer than the surrounding dry material. At dusk, when this test Is typically performed, the temperature variation between moist and dry substrate is between two and four degrees Fahrenheit. These areas are invisible or difficult to detect in a visual examination.

Roof thermal imaging

Our state-of-the-art drone, outfitted with a thermal imaging camera, flies over a roof and captures images. Warmer (or wet) areas are characterized by the red, orange, and yellow colors in the image, signifying the presence of moisture.  A member of our Quality Control team can interpret these images and define the exact borders of the problem.

Drones, in the hands of a trained operator, are much less expensive and much more exacting when it comes to investigating a suspect area on a roof. Additionally, the process is non-invasive. The roof membrane is free of any breaches that, if improperly repaired, could cause problems later.

Crabapple Roofing is proud to offer these services.

It wasn’t long ago that thermal imaging was too expensive because it required either an airplane or helicopter that was specifically outfitted with a thermal imaging camera, both of which are costly options.